Custom Product Development

You must have heard of SAAS, IAAS and PAAS. Let us introduce you to PDAAS: Product-Development-As-A-Service. We will work with you as a team at each stage of product development to help you translate your ideas & strategies into marketable solutions.

Venture Technology

Venture Capitalists invest money in a startup. At Orion we invest our knowledge. We have over 50 years of combined experience in software development and that is our foundation for the pillar of your success.

Web Design

Uxmplify - That is what we call our User Interface design team. Our UI designers will make sure that your users love every pixel of your website. They will make sure the website renders content consistently irrespective of the viewing medium, be it a 55" screen or a 4" smartphone.

Mobile Apps

A software product is not complete unless you have a mobile interface for it and we excel at that. So far we have been focusing on developing native apps for Android and iOS only. Apart from that we also build apps using Phonegap/Cordova, and other cross-platform frameworks

Cloud Deployment

Need to choose the right cloud solution? We can help strategize your cloud deployment, whether it is at Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure or other cloud hosting providers.

Big Data

Should we embrace Big Data? That's a dilemma a lot of the companies face these days. We can help you chalk out a Big Data strategy which is relevant to your business. We know Hadoop, NOSQL, and Recommendation Systems and can help you build a platform around these technologies.



SQLMinder is an innovative database management solution for enterprises that takes the complexity out of SQL scripts management and deployment. It treats the SQL code as "first class citizens" in the change set rather than hiding them in delta/change script. SQLMinder allows quick, accurate and repeatable deployment of SQL source code changes (packages) from your CMS to different environments.



VoteGiri™ established in 2016 is a social voting platform for users to vote online and discuss on things that matter to them. It provides a way to measure the pulse of the nation by integrating a polling mechanism, and is a perfect way to see which way the country is swinging on particular issues. VoteGiri™ is a place for a conversation not just among friends and family, but also among like-minded individuals who are passionate about what is happening in the country.



Orion is a product development and a venture technology firm. Our focus is on developing innovative B2B products and helping other entrepreneurs with their endeavours.

We also provide Technology Consulting services but we are not like a typical outsourced IT company focused only on delivering codebase, which is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hidden parts of the product engineering crucial to a successful commercialization of an idea. We strive to help our clients on multiple stages of product development processes, starting from concept creation and all the way through post-production sustenance.

We offer Product-Development-as-a-Service with expertise in New Product Development (NPD) processes and focus on deep technological innovation.

We provide a unique and compelling alternative to typical team building and expanding options for start-ups and growing organizations, collaborating on each stage of Product Development Life Cycle. We distinguish ourselves with deep technology competencies in software engineering services to allow you to focus on solving your business problems.

One of our primary differentiating factor is that most of us at Orion also have a business background and that coupled with our software engineering skills help us integrate business needs with technology in a seamless way.

Some of the areas we have expertise in (but not limited to) are Financial Trading Systems, E-Learning, E-Commerce, Social Media, Mobile Apps and UI/UX design. We have offices in Boston, MA and Indore, India


Ankit Chansoriya, CFA

Co-Founder and CEO

Ankit is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Computer Science Engineer with over 15 years of experience in all phases of software development life cycle, managing global distributed teams, and bringing new projects to life. He has vast expertise in developing mission critical applications in multiple domains including Finance, Telecom, and Higher Education with many Fortune-500 companies. Ankit is a member of CFA Institute and Boston Security Analyst Society. His passion is for programming and financial analysis. Ankit has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from GEC Bhopal, India.

Ravindra Jain, NPDP

CO-Founder and Co-CEO

Ravindra is a Computer Science Engineer and PDMA-certified New Product Development Professional with over 15 years of experience in software product development and project management. He has expertise in building high-availability, carrier-grade enterprise solutions and managing large distributed teams in Telecom, Finance and other domains. Before Orion, he developed solutions for algorithmic trading in Indian capital markets and OCR-based mass digitization. Coding is his passion and he enjoys music and reading. Ravindra has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from GEC Bhopal, India.


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  • We are a team of passionate engineers working on cutting-edge technologies, producing innovative solutions for customer delight. We value self-driven, committed individuals with passion to go extra miles.

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